Digital Marketing

Social Media

Be a part of your customers’ conversations with Print Three Newmarket’s social media services for small business. Having an active, engaging presence on your customers’ networks is another way to improve visibility of your brand and demonstrate passion for your products/services.

Social Media Management Services

By improving your reach and visibility online with current and potential customers, Print Three Newmarket’s social media management services will help you grow your brand by driving more traffic to your website, landing pages, and other relevant online channels. Paid social media advertising can get your products or services into consumers’ feeds instantly, while organic social media marketing is more cost-effective and flexible, with the ability to achieve other metrics besides pure sales (i.e. more engagement, more followers, newsletter and email list sign-ups, etc.). 

Working with Bloomtools Canada, a digital marketing agency in Toronto, we’ll set up all of your accounts on the most popular social media platforms (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and ensure all branding and logos are consistent across your channels. From there, you can sign on to ongoing content that populates your feeds, which will be based on a social media strategy we’ll design specifically for your business and objectives.